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Date of Birth:22/03/1991
Language:English, Mandarin


Year Title Role Notes Platform
2020 A frame in time Ah Meng Channelnewsasia
2020 The Past Tells Its Own Stories Zhong Cheng Singtel Jiale
2019 Ex-losers Derrick Okto
2019 Daybreak Ben Channel 8, Mediacorp
2019 A World of Difference Melvin Toggle
2019 Paddles Up! Cudb Toggle
2018 Love at First Flight Tim YouTube
2018 29 February Leon Channel 8, Mediacorp
2017 SR115 Toshio Suria, Mediacorp
2017 It Will Never Happen Here Daryl Channel 5, Mediacorp
2017 Lion Mums 2 Alex Channel 5, Mediacorp


Year Title Role Notes
2019 Late Night Ride Ken
2017 Déjà vu. Inc


Year Title
2019 CitiGold Hong Kong
2018 Citi Hong Kong -貸醒了
2018 Samsung QLED TV
2017 Toggle Christmas Boomerang
2017 KFC Red Hot Szechuan Chicken
2017 Darlie Singapore – Rules of being a charming 30 year old