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Date of Birth:25/01/1988
Language:English, Mandarin, Hokkien

Xixi debuted at the age of seven after she emerged as winner from a Children Singing Competition hosted by Mediacorp TV Singapore. She released two solo albums in 1996 & 1998, thereafter she took a break from the entertainment scene to focus on her studies.

In 2011, Xixi nailed her first television drama role on Mediacorp Channel 8 Mandarin drama “The Oath”, kickstarting her full-time acting career. With her positive and enthusiastic character, she has earned herself various roles in Mediacorp’s Channel 8 and Toggle original series drama. XiXi is very versatile and can play many different roles and characters with broad age range – from a Grandmother role in Okto’s Children Sitcom “Upside Down Café” to a Mukbang host in the recent Channel 8’s mandarin drama “My One in a Million”.

In 2018, Xixi filmed for Singapore movie “Fat Hope”, where she acted alongside with Taiwan Singer-Actor, Alien Huang, as siblings. Later that year, she clinched her first English Web-series, Girl Band Called Girl Band, produced by Clicknetwork. She was then spotted by celebrity model and artiste management Basic Models Management, and since then have been groomed to become the new plus-size female personality.

In 2019, Xixi was awarded with her first commercial for Bifesta, featuring together with celebrity model Fiona Fussi. She is now a regular face spotted in the local media and fashion scene.


Year Title Role Notes
2015 Lucky Boy 婉雯 Supporting
2013 Taxi Taxi Candy Cameo
2012 Greedy Ghost Mahjong Kaki Cameo
Not Released Fat Hope Winnie Supporting


Year Title Role Notes Platform
2019 Girl Band Called Girl Band Pris Supporting Clicknetwork
2019 My One In A Million 我的万里挑一 蜜蜜 Supporting MediaCorp TV Channel 8
2018 Hello from the Other Side 阴错阳差 贾希思 Supporting Toggle
2018 Limited Edition 我是限量版 Hishiko Supporting Toggle
2017 Friends from Afar 榴莲妹 Supporting Channel 8, Mediacorp
2017 Hear My Thoughts 混口饭吃而已 Various Roles Various Roles Toggle
2017 Upside Down Café Supporting Grandma Gow Okto
2016 I Want to be A Star 肥妹 Supporting Toggle
2016 Patisserie Fighting Monica Chng Supporting Toggle
2015 Accidental Agent Stacy Supporting Starhub Cable TV
2015 Revenge Queen 双双 Supporting Channel 8, Mediacorp
2015 DreamMakers 2 没问题 Supporting Channel 8, Mediacorp
2014 Let It Go Elsa Supporting Channel U, Mediacorp
2012 Double Bonus 胖妞 Supporting Channel 8, Mediacorp
2011 The Oath 悠悠 Supporting Channel 8, Mediacorp
2008 Perfect Cut 2 佳慧 Supporting Channel U, Mediacorp

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Year Title
2019 Bifesta Micellar Water Campaign
2018 Biore
2018 Popeyes

《我的甜蜜革命》Xixi 带着爱狗试吃陈洁仪的白萝卜蛋糕
《我的甜蜜革命》Xixi 带着爱狗试吃陈洁仪的白萝卜蛋糕
《我的甜蜜革命》Xixi 误以为网友是女生发了搞笑自拍
《我的甜蜜革命》Xixi 误以为网友是女生发了搞笑自拍
When You See Me  (周杰伦 《Now You See Me》 Parody)
When You See Me (周杰伦 《Now You See Me》 Parody)
《我的甜蜜革命》李至正与 Xixi 同房被惊天动地的鼻鼾声惊醒
《我的甜蜜革命》李至正与 Xixi 同房被惊天动地的鼻鼾声惊醒
《我的万里挑一》崇喆林茜茜把床睡坏了!?!? 欢喜冤家的幕后拍摄花絮大合辑 | Basic Models
《我的万里挑一》崇喆林茜茜把床睡坏了!?!? 欢喜冤家的幕后拍摄花絮大合辑 | Basic Models
《我的万里挑一》林茜茜吃货篇 | Basic Models
《我的万里挑一》林茜茜吃货篇 | Basic Models
《我的万里挑一》林茜茜黄思恬闺蜜篇 | Basic Models
《我的万里挑一》林茜茜黄思恬闺蜜篇 | Basic Models
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